sound at the right price

Enhance your mix, get it ready for radio!


It doesn’t matter what genre you’re into, all songs require mastering to achieve that professional sound. If you landed here, chances are you’re probably looking for just that! Add depth, punch, clarity and volume to your tracks.

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We take 1 or 2 days to finish your master. Don’t like what you hear, don’t pay. We’ll first send you a short preview, if you’re feeling it, we will send you the complete versions (WAV. & MP3) once payment is completed.

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Are you constantly releasing music? Do you have a new demo you want to master? We understand independent musicians, label owners and especially tight budgets. So we’re here to help, each track is a flat US$10 dollars.

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Why Master?

  • First impressions count, make it a good one.

  • Sound great on all devices.

  • Your music is not 100% finished until it’s mastered.


We’re always available to help! Please feel free to contact us any day, any time. We respond to all emails within 24 hours.